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What Are Agile Retrospectives?


A retrospective is a type of meeting in agile development that happens right before the end of each sprint because, during this time, the problems that have been encountered are still fresh thus will ensure to bring up the issues during meetings. Those meetings are the core of what makes a successful agile environment (techtarget).


A retrospective is when the team stops and examine the way they are working. It’s a good opportunity to allow them to reflect the way they are doing things. Frequently during the retrospective, the team find a more efficient way to utilize their resources and to look back about the things that did or did not go well. It’s also a good opportunity to talk about issues that slowed down the work progress of the project and find solutions to avoid these setbacks in the future (techtarget).

A retrospective is very important for team members to engage and to work together. It can be used to increase team motivation, team members can gather and share their ideas about finding new ways to solve problems and potential possibilities to tackle older problems (luis-gencalves).


Agile retrospectives also increase the potential of delivering a better product to clients. Retrospectives will allow continuous improvement between working with other team members and problem-solving, which will lead to a better performance over time such as finding ways to deliver the best product to customers. Therefore, agile retrospectives will always improve the business aspect of the delivery (agilealliance).


During agile retrospectives, there will be a facilitator that should ensure everyone’s comfort by creating the right environment to allow team members to feel comfortable to speak up and share their ideas. However, during retrospectives the agile team take responsibility and the ownership of the meeting, there is no leadership to it, and everyone should contribute equally to ensure a good progress has been made (agilealliance).

In conclusion, retrospectives are meeting that is held before the end of each sprint to discuss the difficulties and potential problems in order to solve them. This will allow better team performance and better product over time. Retrospectives will help increase team efficiency by working smarter. Team members should contribute equally and should not criticize one another, but should only criticize the outcome of the work and find ways to avoid them in the future (agilealliance).


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